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The eels and fishes, 'mid the eddying whirl, 'Mid the clear wave were hurrying here and there, In dire distress from Vulcan's fiery breath: Scorch'd by the flames, the mighty River spoke:. All scorch'd he spoke; his fair stream bubbling up, As when a caldron on a blazing fire, Fill'd with the melting fat of well-fed swine, Boils up within, and bubbles all around, With well-dried wood beneath, so bubbling up The waters of the lovely River boil'd: Nor onward would he flow, but check'd his course, By the hot blast o'er-borne, and fiery strength Of skilful Vulcan; and to Juno thus, Imploring, he his winged words address'd:.

E'en less than others who the Trojans aid, Have I offended; yet at thy command Will I withdraw; but bid that he too cease; And this I swear, no Trojan more to save, Though to devouring flames a prey, all Troy Were blazing, kindled by the valiant Greeks. This when the white-arm'd Goddess Juno heard, To Vulcan straight she thus address'd her speech: "Vulcan, my glorious son, restrain thy hand: In mortal men's behalf, it is not meet To press thus hardly an Immortal God. She said, and Vulcan stay'd his fiery strength, And, back returning, in his wonted bed Flow'd the fair River.

Xanthus thus subdued, These two their warfare ceas'd, by Juno check'd, Despite her wrath; but 'mid the other Gods Arose contention fierce, and discord dire, Their warring passions rous'd on either side. With fearful crash they met: the broad Earth groan'd; Loud rang the Heav'n as with a trumpet's sound: Jove, on Olympus' height, the tumult heard, And in his heart he laugh'd a joyous laugh, To see the Gods in angry battle met. Not long they stood aloof, led on by Mars The buckler-breaker, who to Pallas first, Poising his spear, his bitter speech address'd:.

For all I suffer'd then, thou now shalt pay. Thus as he spoke, he struck the tassell'd shield, Awful to view, which not the lightning bolt Of Jove himself could pierce: the blood-stain'd Mars Against it thrust in vain his pond'rous spear. The Goddess stoop'd, and in her ample hand Took up a stone, that lay upon the plain, Dark, rugged, vast, which men of elder days Had set to mark the limits of their land.

Full on the neck of Mars she hurl'd the mass, His limbs relaxing: o'er sev'n hundred feet Prostrate he lay, his hair defil'd with dust: Loud rang his armour; and with scornful smile Pallas address'd him thus with vaunting speech:. Bear thus the burthen of thy mother's curse, Who works thee harm, in wrath that thou the Greeks Deserting, aid'st the haughty Trojans' cause.

She said, and turn'd away her piercing glance: Him, deeply groaning, scarce to life restor'd, Jove's daughter Venus taking by the hand, Led from the field; which when the white-arm'd Queen Beheld, in haste to Pallas thus she cried: "O Heav'n, brave child of aegis-bearing Jove, Undaunted! Thus Juno: Pallas hasten'd in pursuit Well pleas'd; and Venus with her pow'rful hand Assailing, struck upon the breast; at once The Goddess' courage and her limbs gave way.

There on the ground the two together lay, While Pallas o'er them thus with vaunting speech:. The war begun by others, 'tis not meet; And shame it were, that to Olympus' height And to the brazen-floor'd abode of Jove We two without a contest should return. Thou then begin, as younger: 'twere not well For me, in age and practice more advanc'd. Feeble of soul, how senseless is thy heart!

Hast thou forgotten all the cruel wrongs We two, alone of all th' Immortals, bore, When here, in Ilium, for a year, we serv'd, By Jove's command, the proud Laomedon, For promis'd hire; and he our tasks assign'd? His fortress, and a wall both broad and fair I built, the town's impregnable defence; While thou didst on his plodding herds attend, In many-crested Ida's woody glens. But when the joyous seasons, in their course, Had brought our labour's term, the haughty King Denied our guerdon, and with threats dismiss'd. Bound hand and foot, he threaten'd thee to send And sell to slav'ry in the distant isles, And with the sword cut off the ears of both.

So in indignant sorrow we return'd, Robb'd of the hire he promis'd, but denied. For this thy favour dost thou show to Troy; And dost not rather join thy force to ours, That down upon their knees the Trojans all Should perish, with their babes and matrons chaste. Whom answer'd thus the far-destroying King: "Earth-shaking God, I should not gain with thee The esteem of wise, if I with thee should fight For mortal men; poor wretches, who like leaves Flourish awhile, and eat the fruits of earth, But, sapless, soon decay: from combat then Refrain we, and to others leave the strife.

He turn'd, thus saying: for he deem'd it shame His father's brother to assail in arms; But him his sister, Goddess of the chase, Rebuk'd, and thus with scornful speech address'd:. Why o'er thy shoulder hangs thine idle bow? Ne'er in our father's halls again, as erst Among th' Immortals, let me hear thee boast How thou with Neptune wouldst in arms contend. Thus she; Apollo answer'd not a word; But Jove's imperial consort, fill'd with wrath, Assail'd with bitter words the Archer-Queen. She said; and with the left hand both the wrists Of Dian grasping, with her ample right The bow and quiver from her shoulders tore; And with them, as she turn'd away her head, With scornful laughter buffeted her ears: The arrows keen were scatter'd on the ground: Weeping, the Goddess fled; as flies a dove The hawk's pursuit, and in a hollow rock Finds refuge, doom'd not yet to fall a prey; So, weeping, Dian fled, and left her bow.

Them Hermes to Latona thus: "With thee I strive not; shame it were to meet in fight A consort of the cloud-compelling Jove. Freely amid th' Immortals make thy boast, That by thy prowess thou hast vanquish'd me. Thus he: Latona gather'd up the bow, And fallen arrows, scatter'd here and there Amid the whirling dust; then, these regain'd, Following her daughter, from the field withdrew. Meanwhile to high Olympus fled the Maid, And to the brazen-floor'd abode of Jove. There, weeping, on her father's knees she sat, While quiver'd round her form th' ambrosial robe.

The son of Saturn tow'rds him drew his child, And thus, with gracious smile, enquiry made: "Which of the heav'nly pow'rs hath wrong'd thee thus My child, as guilty of some open shame? To whom the bright-crown'd Goddess of the chase: "Thy wife, my father, white-arm'd Juno; she Hath dealt thus rudely with me; she, from whom All jars and strife among the Gods proceed.

Such converse while they held, the gates of Troy Apollo enter'd, for the well-built wall Alarm'd, lest e'en against the will of fate The Greeks that day should raze it to the ground. The other Gods were to Olympus gone, Triumphant these, and those in angry mood, And took their seats before the cloud-girt Sire. But on the Trojans pressing, Peleus' son Horses and men alike, promiscuous, slew. As in a city, which the Gods in wrath Have fir'd, whose volleying smoke ascends to Heav'n, On all her people grievous toil is cast, On many, harm and loss; such toil, such loss Achilles wrought amid the Trojan host.

Upon a lofty tow'r, the work of Gods, The aged Priam stood, and thence beheld By fierce Achilles driven in flight confused, Their courage quite subdued, the Trojan host: Then, groaning, from the tow'r he hasten'd down, And to the warders cried along the wall:. But while our friends, receiv'd within the walls, Find time to breathe again, replace in haste The closely-fitting portals; for I fear That man of blood may e'en the city storm. He said; the gates they open'd, and drew back The solid bars; the portals, op'ning wide, Let in the light; but in the vacant space Apollo stood, the Trojan host to save.

The flyers, parch'd with thirst and dust-begrim'd, Straight for the city and the lofty wall Made from the plain; Achilles, spear in hand, Press'd hotly on the rearmost; for his soul With rage was fill'd, and madd'ning lust of fame.

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And now the lofty-gated city of Troy The sons of Greece had won; but Phoebus rous'd Agenor's spirit, a valiant youth and strong, Son of Antenor; he his bosom fill'd With dauntless courage, and beside him stood To turn aside the heavy hand of death, As, veil'd in cloud, against the oak he lean'd. He, when Achilles' awful form he knew, Yet firmly stood, though much perplex'd in mind, As thus he commun'd with his mighty heart:.

Or should I leave the others to their fate, Scatter'd by Peleus' son; and from the wall And o'er the plain of Troy direct my flight, Far as the foot of Ida's hill, and there Lie hid in thickest covert; and at eve, Refresh'd by bathing in the cooling stream, And purg'd the sweat, retrace my steps to Troy?

For this purpose, the frz locus of M. Only sample, respectively. After 3 days of treatment, the M. Samples treated with a culture concentration decreased gradually between days 3—6 of medium non-inoculated with M. Nevertheless, still possible to detect a faint band corresponding to M.

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At the end inoculated with M. The third molecular approach was the quantification of the DNA of M. In a range between ng and medium or a medium inoculated with M. Both treatments succeed in indicating an efficiency of 0. Ct the activation of bacteria inhabiting the stones, with a values were inconsistent at a DNA concentration under potential for calcium carbonate precipitation. Nevertheless, 60 fg per reaction.

Therefore, as follow-up of the studies 5 mM and of primers ranging from Results showed no significant differences compared the microbiota-inhabiting quarry and decayed when using different concentrations of MgCl2. However, ornamental carbonate stones before and after the application the concentration of primers showed to be a critical point, of a culture medium inoculated with M.

Furthermore, the bacterial commu- values, indicating a delay to reach the minimum number of nity dynamics during the application of such a treatment, as PCR cycles needed to obtain significant fluorescence well as the prevalence of the inoculated strain, M. Consequently, the higher concentration of primer were monitored by using a molecular strategy. Limestone Consolidation by M. In Acinetobacter sp.

These results are consistent [57]. These sequences were also phylogenetically affiliated with the origin as well as the exposure of the decayed with uncultured bacterial clones found in ground waters from calcarenite to urban contaminants. Sequence It is worth noting the presence of I.

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As men- ated with Imtechium assamiensis strain BPTSA16, isolated tioned above, this bacterium was isolated from a warm spring. This clone showed also similarities with different environment of the quarry calcarenite, suggesting that the uncultured bacterial clones related with degradation process presence of this bacterium in the decayed stone is a remnant of [50], benzene- and monochlorobenzene-contaminated ground the quarry from which the stone was once collected.

Sequences derived from the treated decayed TD clone associated with a Geological Substrata in a Pristine calcarenite were related to species of genus Bacillus. In Aquifer [5]. Exiguobacterium [41] genera were detected on the stone 15 days of the experiment. At this time, the activation of slab. These results indicate that these few bacterial genera Brevibacillus sp. As demonstrated by Jimenez-Lopez et al. This observation is in agreement with the stone quarry versus decayed , the same microorgan- the results from other authors regarding the potential for isms were activated by the application of a M.

Those and Pseudomonas genera as B. These bacteria are commonly found in and P. Some of them were The bacterial community dynamics in the culture media of spore-forming bacteria, as Brevibacillus sp. Pseudomonas sp. These characteristics a bacterial succession, where species belonging to Bacillus could explain why the latter strains were activated and were quickly activated by the application of the culture detected either due to their ability to form spores or to medium and dominated during the first 3 days of the produce extracellular polysaccharides and, therefore, to experiment.

Afterwards, an activation of Pseudomonas sp. The proliferation of Brevibacillus sp. These results Comparing the bacteria detected in the culture medium with suggest an antagonistic behavior among the bacteria those detected in the stone, it is worth noting that the activated, probably triggered by the lack of nutrients.

In fact, it has been shown that the identified non spore-forming bacteria, detected in non- Pseudomonas is able to produce membrane vesicles treated stones, could enter into dormant stages and were not MVs filled with periplasmic components with a predatory reactivated by the provided culture media, since it has role in natural ecosystems [20]. MVs are capable of lysing a already been reported that dormant microorganisms are variety of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, as unable to grow on standard culture media [45].

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Therefore, Bacillus sp. In bacteria detected on the non-treated stone were probably addition, there are works reporting that sporulating bacteria non-activated, or although activated, those bacteria may not develop predation behaviors in mixed cultures under be abundant enough to be detected by the electrophoretic nutritional stress, by using an antibacterial factor [23]. This techniques used in this study [31].

One thereof is that spore-forming bacteria, Similarly, DGGE fingerprints showed a bacterial suc- as the detected Bacillus and Brevibacillus, could be initially cession during the time course experiment when a culture in the non-treated stone and later activated by the culture of M. In this case, those bacteria may not be detected in In this case, Pseudomonas sp.

DGGE profiles showed that, under the DNA from spores [24, 25] and on the preferential conditions given in our experiments, the detection of M. This could explain why these bacteria were fingerprinting technique after the first 3—6 days of the not detected in the non-treated stone but were detected later experiment for quarry and decayed stone, respectively. At this time, the population of this bacterium was below Finally, some bacteria present in the culture medium bacteria per milliliter of sample see Table 1.

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The were not detected in the stone after the treatment. This can limitation of PCR-DGGE analyses can be explained by the be explained by the calcification of the bacteria into the several factors affecting the quantities of PCR products stone, as showed by Jimenez-Lopez et al. In this regard, it is sal primers as, i.