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But she stayed only two years. I had none at the time. She feels that her position as a mother was what truly closed that door to her.

Margaret Hamilton: Apollo’s Code

Either way, it was clear to her that she would not be advancing further. She has been retired since But without the space race, the magic of keypunching evaporated for her. NASA paying four companies to learn how to make fuel on the Moon.

Apollo's Out Again

NASA poised for record-breaking number of spacewalks. Astronauts mix cement on ISS, pave way for future space colonies. These might be the spacesuits astronauts wear on Mars. ISS gets a new docking port for future spaceships.

Why do pictures of Earth taken from the Moon show a black sky with no stars? Can the stars only be seen with an atmosphere? Astronomy's Starburst Galaxy: M82 Puzzle. Jon Lomberg Milky Way Posters. Astronomy for Kids. Astronomy's Flashcard Sets. While working as an engineer and raising two children, Darden studied mechanical engineering part time for a decade at George Washington University until she earned her doctorate. Resnik was killed in the space shuttle Challenger disaster in Sylvia Stottlemyer, now 67, at her home in League City, Texas. Sylvia Stottlemyer, who was an Apollo crew secretary, later rose to the ranks of senior management at Johnson Space Center.

Guns from the United States are stoking a homicide epidemic in Mexico.

Despite strict gun laws, Mexico is in the grips of an arms race. Nipsey Hussle was killed next to a school. His death still haunts students. The South L. Behind the story: The value of responding to angry readers. A teacher at View Park Prep spoke up on behalf of his students.

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FBI seeks help identifying victims of serial killer Samuel Little. The FBI is releasing five portraits painted by murderer Samuel Little, who could recall roughly where and how he killed them but not their names. Molly Hennessy-Fiske. Follow Us.

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Molly Hennessy-Fiske has been a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times since , including a year as Middle East bureau chief and seven years as Houston bureau chief. She graduated from Harvard College. Show Comments. More From the Los Angeles Times.

Meet the women behind NASA's historic Apollo 11 launch

Police look for 2 gunmen in Kansas City bar shooting that killed 4. A disagreement at the Tequila KC Bar may have spurred two men to return with handguns. One man said his nephew was killed, leaving two small children.

GM-UAW talks take a turn for the worse; settlement is not near. The top negotiator in contract talks between General Motors and the United Auto Workers says bargaining has hit a big snag. During missions including Apollo 8, Apollo 11 and Apollo 13, Northcutt sat in a staff support room that the directors in the general mission control room would call if they needed assistance. She was the only woman in her job at the time, though she notes that women served in many non-technical roles at NASA. She tells TIME that, at one point, she could tell she was being watched at work and heard colleagues talking about what could be seen on one of the camera channels in their internal system.

She was focused on the Earth-bound part of the mission, so her part came later.

Mechanical Engineering Magazine - July In Apollo’s Shadow

Reflecting on that time, she feels that while the cigar-smoking, male-dominated rooms of NASA in were something out of Mad Men, the sexism she faced was not as egregious as the abuse and harassment that has more recently sparked the MeToo movement. I should have been the th.

She says the contracting company that she worked for was progressive for the times and made some changes without a lot of active resistance. Learning about all the legal barriers women encountered inspired her to go to law school, and she became a prosecutor and then a criminal defense attorney, and worked on domestic violence and reproductive rights cases throughout her career.