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Hospice Medicare Provider Number Searches. Also, a brief background examination to Privacy related developments in Rwanda, in a post genocide time is included. Does Privacy know, who, or what, Privacy is? We must examine the very nature of our frangible understanding of Privacy, the texture and temperament too. There are solid pathways by which, productive and clarifying discussions related to Privacy can be had. Why then, are such pathways not being utilized?

The Simplest Way To Spot Narcissistic Personality Disorder

For the purposes of this Privacy interrogatory, it would be appropriate to seek and find a directional beacon to orient Privacy and Security considerations and discussions properly. When people are not willing to respect life, how then can such people recognize Privacy as a desired human value, or as an integral part of Human Rights universally?

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Privacy as a privilege under the UDHR was never intentioned to receive a lesser consideration or treatment in view of other principles. To that point, Lever has sought considerations from her readers to take note of the challenge associated with affording formalized legal protection to Privacy. Quite surprisingly, on 24 August , in the world of Privacy, the North, and South Poles swapped places, when the Supreme Court of India declared that Privacy was a fundamental right for nearly 1. To that time and space, no country and certainly no court in the world, had declared ever so plainly and importantly that salient fact, so fundamentally rooted in the UDHR.

Where Is The Line Between 'Regular' Narcissism And Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Still, what will the Indian Supreme Court ruling mean to all Indian citizens? Many fundamental human rights still elude Indians, and the ways in which ordinary citizens are able to seek redresses for wrongs committed, and those other wrongs to be prevented, are in an entirely primitive or corrupt state; moreover, both institutions and pathways necessary to address wrongs committed and to the prevention of others, could well be considered to not exist.

It can perhaps be said, and safely, that, India will be least prepared to advantage all Indians by way of the landmark legal Privacy ruling, primarily due to near overwhelming social and politiical challenges. Post has summarized the involvedness surrounding Privacy in the following way. In the here and now, you must be the judge. However, Privacy related societal progress appropriate for the Digital Century could only emerge from resolutions to, and reconciliations in, confoundings surfaced within the many perspectives on Privacy.

As an example, a basic confusion, durable in contemporary discussions related to privacy involves the Late Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Louis D.

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Brandeis and his scholarship on Privacy with Samuel D. No question that the world owes a great debt of gratitude to Warren and Brandeis for their very important legal scholarship on Privacy however incomplete or evasive as posed by Richardson [ 13 ] Warren, and Brandeis were in their scholarship.

Also, there can be no question, that Louis D. Brandeis was a social justice champion. However, there exists no karmic dictate, which declared it necessary for all Privacy epistles to begin, or end, with hurried and mechanical references to Warren and Brandeis. The subjects of Privacy, and indeed Security of personal information and of-self, have been important topics for discussion since before Warren and Brandeis. Another point of confusion involves the origin of certain core ideas in relation to Privacy.

They then published their work in December of Meanwhile, the Anglo-American editor and newsman E. Godkin penned a collection of thoughts, and he too, published it widely in the month of July - also in In its smaller, pettier, and more ignoble shape, it became the passion of the Paul Pry and the scandal-monger [ 16 ]. Perhaps the reader is able to distinguish a trace of similarity in thought - from both sets of authors. At least on surface, these ideas appeal similarly, in all manners of form.

Privacy desperately needs a common language, and a universal frame of reference, but it lacks for one. In many areas of the world, including the most developed - there are strong desires to subjugate fundamental human rights in the name of security. Widespread misunderstanding in the meaning of Privacy, and of the scope on being able to apply Privacy principles in society, aid in the perpetuation of societal and situational conflicts and consternations.

Moving into this section, the most important leading question to be asked is, if people around the world are to protect Privacy and they do not have a well-articulated, universally logical, and comprehensible framework for Privacy decision-making and protection, how will it be possible to extend Privacy protections across multiple borders, languages, cultures belief-systems etc.

Privacy meanings, orientations, societal valuation, laws, situational evaluations, actions, etc. As it is said in the United States military, one must train, as one is likely to fight. If there is a mis-match between acquired training on how to protect, and the real conditions encountered in the ecosystem where the protective training is to work, then there is likely to be a failure in protective measures deployed.

A pair of comparable instances, highlighting process and procedure errors is disclosed below to demonstrate the weight of aforesaid needs, and the fragility that likely surrounds Privacy and Security protections. Dateline: 5 December For the United States, the conflict in Afghanistan has begun. The result?

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  • Three U. Special Forces soldiers and 23 Northern Alliance fighters are killed. That is a sentiment that is heard repeatedly, in relation to fratricide events. It has been identified that, carelessness; disorientation; confusion; poor leadership; inadequate training and experience on such things as procedures and communications; language barriers; lack of appreciation of technology, technology deployment area, and action ecosystems are some of the problem facets behind fratricide [ 20 ]. Nevertheless, does training fix such problems in the modern world? Recognizing that this is not a writing to present an analysis or a critique of U.

    As an adjacent note, the world of warfighting has advanced significantly since World War - I. During World War - I especially, Percin did not have command over a standardized French military, and did not have the ability to manage the quality of forces to improve them, for Operational-Tempo among other things at the time did not permit it. Since 5 December near Kandahar, fratricide continues to occur. On 17 April , it happened again near Kandahar; then again on 23 March ; 28 March ; 22 April ; 6 April ; 26 August and 5 December , and on, and on, and on.

    Focus upon people, upon what they do, and how they do, must be a pre-eminent concern at all times.

    Pick's disease

    At least in one specific incident involving the death of a high-profile soldier named Pat Tillman on 22 April , the U. Army attempted to cover-up the details of that fratricide [ 27 ]. From an Interoperability 20 point of view, every actor, organization, and resource in the chain-of-command and the chain-of-action - should be highly coordinated to be mission centered; being confused or disoriented are not acceptable conditions or outcomes in any action-chain. One wrong move and lives are lost, as it has been made clear, and repeatedly. Operationally, people, processes, and technology trains require tight integration at every level.

    Imagine a Medical Operating Theatre where everyone except the surgeon is focused on something other than the primary task, which is the surgery; what is bound to be the outcome? Everyone has to be aware of, and be certain of, the actions that are being taken, or those that will be taken, in matters related to Privacy protection.

    4 Personality Disorders That Can Seem Like Narcissism But Can Actually Be A More Serious Condition

    The field artillery battery receives the mission and the fire control crews initialize their state-of-the-art ballistic computer in accordance with the operations order OPORD. The rounds impact[ed] meters short of the target. Manning USAR [ 28 ]. When engaged in the protection of Personal Privacy, or ensuring the correct employment of Security measures, none can afford to be speaking different languages.

    At present, we simply are. The proper use of technology tools, techniques, processes etc. The language in this case, and more fundamentally, any semantic inconsistencies with regard to the language of choice employed in communications, is the responsibility of the adults on the scene. In the situation described above, the people-processes-technology train related errors have struck again. Each component in the people-processes-technology train should be afforded deep attention always. At least within a military, there are standards of reference, methods of assessment, and means of operations etc.

    Quite unfortunately, the misconstructions and categorical mix-ups involving Privacy and Security that can occur among people are not minor issues. The lack of axiomatic comprehension of Privacy and Security themes, topics, problems, and the absence of solid and reliable wholistic analytical systemic frameworks [ 30 ] and the absence of solidity and reliability in laws and judiciaries protecting against encroachments [ 31 ] etc.

    To ensure Privacy protections, and to strike a balance between use of Privacy, and Security instruments in society, there are no scientific, concretized means -- even those means that are at least comparable, to be relied upon to establish such a balance. Imagine that there is an intention to insure an item of some value. After more than 50 solid years of contemporary discussions related to Privacy and its relationship to Security, why has it not been possible to establish a similar framework of obligations for Privacy and Security, as it has been the case in insurance to indemnify properly?

    The answer is quite simple. Fields of scientific study and practice have not advanced sufficiently in the multiple areas of concern. In his seminal book on the subject, the Late Alan Westin 21 spoke of this eminently. It is from such bounty of Privacy 22 and Security 23 conundrums that societal values are identified and formalized, frameworks for encouraging or discouraging social behavior are founded, and instruments of social justice, behavioral guidance, and punishment have been crafted.

    Foremost however, the situational inability to reconcile Privacy and Security conflicts in society stem from our limits of knowledge, the existence of false knowledge in these matters, and from our constant use of improper interpretations, techniques, tools, and services in relation to the area. A couple of analogously useful worldwide examples must be discussed to demonstrate the strength of this adversarial force. Senator Sam J.

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    • Ervin, Jr. To understand these questions better, and in terms of those contributions within the Special Issue, we must dedicate ourselves to dissecting a building block or two, in the steps involved in gaining mastery of knowledge. Are we oriented correctly, and do we have the building-blocks to the totality of the knowledge necessary?

      This section intends to present to the reader that fundamentally, epistemological and ontological flaws - in that which we identify to be knowledge, will always holds us back from progressing rightly. How do we know, that which we have identified as being foundational to our knowledgebase is correct, and adequate, to be able to proceed ahead?

      This section asks that question of you — the reader, in a very basic way, by presenting for your consideration that the very world in which we have lived all our lives, has been incorrectly represented. Do you believe in the views that you possess of Privacy, and Security? Brotton has performed a good service for the world of map inquisitors, noting that the evolution of maps of the world essentially depicts the desires of map producers to stage the powers of their respective States, colonial ambitions, or ambitions of empire etc.