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Being a mere 78, I am still enjoying late middle age. However, I am all too aware that senectitude is lurks around the corner and it occurred to me that, before it strikes, I could do worse than fill the unforgiving minute with a few light-hearted observations on the perils and pleasures it may bring. Most of the writers below have taken a positive, and often wry, look at old age, while never forgetting that beneath the eccentricities that accompany advancing years lie uncertainty, grief and thoughts of mortality.

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The Summer of a Dormou se by John Mortimer Mortimer was only too aware that the price to be paid for getting old is making oneself looking ridiculous. A Positively Final Appearance b y Alec Guinness Guinness is equally reassuring to those of us who wonder what enjoyment can be found in old age.

Chock-a-block with opinions on books read, plays and films seen, stories of happy times spent with old friends such as Alan Bennett , Irene Worth and John Wells, and the joys of life at home in Hampshire, this diary is interspersed with poignant accounts of the death of friends and funerals attended. I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron Nora Ephron never made it to old age: she died aged 71 , from pneumonia brought on by acute myeloid leukaemia.

Yet the screenwriter and author knew as well anyone what it feels like to grow older and — as her title declaims — some of the annoying and often absurd failings that the advancing years bring with them.

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Coda by Simon Gray Gray has been a wonderful companion for many oldies, including myself, thanks to the four volumes of utterly addictive diaries he started writing at 65 and continued until his death in aged When he is not describing dinner with holidays in Greece with his beloved Victoria, trying to give up smoking or being in lights on Broadway, he is wondering — and often worrying — about almost any subject, however trivial, that drifts into his head.

Somewhere Towar ds the End by Diana Athill Athill will be on 21 December and is more qualified than most to reflect on the losses — and more importantly the gains — that old age brings.

Never one to harbour regrets, her spirits are as high as ever in this wonderful book of reflections on loves, friendships and events in her long life. We can only speculate about how London will cope with sea-level rise, or Tokyo with self-driving cars. But we know exactly how global aging will unfold.

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The imperative for businesses to better serve aging populations is clear. Some companies simply overlook the senior market. Others try catering to it and misfire wildly.

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Think of all the daytime television ads for beige pill sorters and personal alarms that portray older adults as helpless and needy. In a survey of people ages 70 and older cited in The Longevity Economy , less than half the respondents felt that commercials represented their age group in a respectful way. We tap Don Norman, inventor of modern usability studies and a proud octogenarian, to demystify some of the wants and needs of older consumers.

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We examine burgeoning economies, such as senior co-housing and end-of-life wellness. A home for growing old gives us the opportunity to stay engaged and useful, remain part of our community, and build confidence when our abilities and strengths decline. With her superb skill set and exemplary team of co-presenters, Susanne Stadler tackles the tough issues of aging at home and in the community.

If you are interested in having Susanne Stadler present or teach a course to your organization, please fill out the contact form and we can schedule a consultation. Together they represent and have direct access to millions of older adults and thousands of individuals working in aging-related professions.

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Right up our alley: The private home is one of the choices people need and want as they age. These issues need to be addressed now but are missing from the presidential debate. The designers and architects Charles and Ray Eames brought design many years ago into medicine but somehow this marriage was suspended until just now. Ted Talk illustrates possibilities.

We think that the aging demographics are one of the factors influencing this new way of thinking. It is a clear explanation why Inclusive Design, design for all ages and abilities, is not only common sense but necessary if we want to respond to the needs of people who live on this planet.

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