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My patients became my biggest teachers. They taught me about what was truly important in life. I listened deeply to my patients who were dying as they looked back on their lives to gain closure and make sense of it all. Some people were able to make peace with themselves, while others were not; and although the stories were all different, there were overwhelming similarities.

These are the five lessons I learned from the dying that completely changed my life. I hope they can help you too. I found that so many dying patients had unfulfilled dreams due to living their lives trying to please others or living according to what society taught. Many never allowed themselves to pursue their own passions or go after what they wanted in life. It took a long time to discover what my dreams were because I was always trying to please others.

I am now living my own dream, and it brings a sense of purpose to my life that was never there before. I learned from many of my dying patients that they wished they had not been so afraid to take risks. I played it safe for most of my life, but I found that being cautious was not worth the consequence of having a life of muted mediocrity.

Anyone who has ever achieved anything great has taken risks. People who are dying often have regrets about relationships with their family members. They wish they had been kinder, more patient, more available, and more loving to the people that meant the most to them. I have learned that a big hug can mean the world to someone I love. When I freely share my feelings and my love with my family and friends, they have no doubt as to their importance in my life. My family relationships have taught me the meaning of patience, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Many of my dying patients expressed wishing they had not taken themselves so seriously and had allowed themselves to enjoy life more. Life is way too short to take seriously. They wished they had had a greater positive impact on those they leave behind. I want to be remembered as the mother who loved her children and taught them well, as the woman who lived her dream by discovering her purpose and helping others to do the same, and as the woman who left the world a better place than how she found it.

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These five important insights I learned from the dying have completely changed the way I view and live my life. I believe my sister knew that these were the lessons I needed to learn the most, and she created that defining moment as her final gift to me. Do you have a defining moment that changed the course of your life? Please share it in the comments below. Photo by Ulrich Joho.

As a certified transformational coach and entrepreneur, Grace helps heart-centered professionals who know they are meant for a bigger, better life to start living the dream that's in harmony with their purpose. Great points, I really enjoyed reading this! And I think we would all be happier if we lived by these five lessons every day. A beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. Not because of sadness, but because it resonated with my heart and soul.

If everyone could live by these lessons, their lives would be so much more fulfilling and happy. Great post Grace. Thanks for sharing such personal experiences! Your thoughts about taking risks resonates so much.

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I see so many people I personally know not wanting to take any risks. Andy, thank you for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed the post. I am almost 25 and I hope i will find a way to live my own dreams. Thank you Dominika!

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Thanks so much for sharing! Like Andy above, taking risks is one part you mentioned that struck me the most. I like to be in control and I like to know the ins and outs of a situation and even the future outcome of an action I will take before I act — which is great but sometimes it robs me of the capability to get out of my comfort zone and live a bolder life.

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The narrator, Grant Wiggins, grew up on the Pichot Plantation where parents were farmers. This plantation is part of the background story of most hero. Jefferson was sentenced to death as not committing a crime, where he worked until arrested.

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And Grant's aunt was a chef there too. As he recognizes the unfairness of black employment opportunities in society, grants are always upset when adults enter plantation. Grant is a black man who was educated in the era of racist society, but in his novel "lesson before death" his struggle is more decent than most men.

I am sorry for him because of his limit despite I think he is a coward. He can not remove his career or his family. Grant means that freedom leaves his town and creates a new life, but every woman has a chain that keeps him away from his destiny and the right to freedom. Scene: A small card community outside of Louisiana after a century's liberation. This is the story of a teacher and a prisoner who must work together to find something to become a man.

Theme: Admit injustice and face major responsibility: Jefferson, a poor who was convicted of crime and sentenced to death. He rediscovered his self-worth and was preparing to execute the death penalty for dignity and purpose, a teacher, Grant Wiggins, who had to help Jefferson before the execution of the death penalty. This book occurred in the s after the Great Depression.

In the beginning of this book, I will explain the society suffering from poverty. The atmosphere in Chapter 1 will lead us to think about how justice can win in the society the population dominates. If this story happens in the present age, I think that this problem is not as important as in the s.

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Grant Wiggins, one of the main character, is a teacher at elementary school, and Grant is very young. Probably he only knows apartheid and racial discrimination. In Ernest J. Gains' novel 'Lessons before Death', a young African American Jefferson was involved in a sake shootout, the only survivor he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

Frank Ostaseski: Lessons to the Living from the Dying

During Jefferson's trial, his lawyer called him a pig and tried to convince the jury that he was unable to plan such a crime. After listening to the news, Jefferson's grandmother Emma called on local school teacher Grant Wiggins to visit Jefferson in prison, calling on him to prove to the community that it is more importantly a white man. Gaines, First Ernest J.

Gaines' visual acuity testing schedule of the first Granville Grant Wiggins is an elementary school teacher and a novel's narrator. He is a smart black man living in Louisiana. When I remembered the test vent, he said he was not there, but he could imagine it. The incident that led to the trial was that Jefferson hitchhiken with two friends, brothers and bears. They all parked in a liquor store, where brothers and bears asked the shop owner to sell wine.

When the owner rejected, they all started shooting, and left Jefferson standing there, and was shocked. All the owners of Brother, Bell, and the shop died in that store, and Jefferson saw the open cash register and started withdrawing money there. In the process, two white men entered the store and witnessed Jefferson taking money.

Ernest Gains' novel "Lessons before death" will be published in Louisiana. There, the hero, a young black man accompanied by a decline in mental power, Jefferson discovered himself in a liquor store, he decided to rob it. Unfortunately, the owner and the two men were killed. Therefore, when a white male entered the store and Jefferson had a bottle in his hand, he was arrested by a white jury and sentenced to death. Prior to the integration, the setting of Louisiana in the s clearly decided the direction of the Gains Festival.

The time and place of "learning before death" is very important, with the theme of racism discrimination as the theme. In a flash I felt something that I can only describe as a crack in my chest. I could feel the earth moan and sob with me, and for a moment I thought I had lost my mind.

The loss of my son opened me to the suffering of all beings and I felt a strange peace. Frank : Laura thank you for that, that's just so beautiful!