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Swimming Canada closing national training centre Air Date: October 5, Click here for more Report Error. Top Stories from Vancouver Island.

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Organizers say B. Campbell River house fire displaces 1. Most Watched false. First Nation in spotlight after feeding bears. Food and wine festival in Tofino cancelled.

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Don't Miss false. Homeward bound: Twin pandas born in Canada heading to China. Edmonton Oilers fan gets invite to game after rule mix-up. Day Federal party leaders to embark on pivotal debate. Violent protests gripping Hong Kong take a dramatic turn. They must also travel across several stone pillars by pressing the button at the right time to avoid the attention of another large purple tarantula Similar to the one seen on the first stage.

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They cross a river due to a nearby bridge being broken and must fight off schools of mutated piranha fish, the tree frogs again, and several mutated water bugs. They hear a young boy calling for help, but Ben and Norah are forced not to use the guns because that will hurt the elephant.

The player must use the buttons to help him save his elephant by hitting mutated fleas off its body. The boy then thanks them by letting them ride his elephant to the heli-pad, which will help them escape the destroyed village and break the gate open. On the way they encounter yet the same tarantula, this time with mushrooms growing out of its back. The player fatally injures it but does not kill it, instead it falls off the cliff that they are on, right into the sea.

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The player then arrives at a Buddhist temple as the boy tells a simple backstory of what happened before the duo came and explains the temple was for the natives first, soldiers next, and the "good people" last. As they are safe for now, they are interrupted by spiders and the infected tarantula. The infected tarantula seen before returns and lunges at the player from above, when the player kills it, the tarantula falls to the Buddhist shrine and detonates several barrels of toxic waste in the process, causing an explosion that results in the lily plant pods around the shrine to become contaminated and grow teeth, they then merge into one giant mutant plant, which the player must fight.

It is eventually defeated with help from the boy, who commands his elephant to kick a barrel of explosives at the plant, which the player must continuously shoot until it blows up and kills the plant. In the cutscene, the boy thanks the players for their help and notes that he didn't help enough, so he gives Norah his good luck charm, which keeps bugs at bay. He decides to make a new one as a helicopter arrives into the area. As the helicopter arrives, Ben and Norah hop into the helicopter and head home.

In the final cutscene, several butterflies land on the head of the Buddha statue which is supposedly still contaminated from the tarantula's mutant blood , which then mutate and pursue the main protagonists in the final battle stage. In the course of their adventure, Ben and Norah learn the story behind the island. According to the boy of the island and a helicopter pilot, an environmental NGO called "Green Leaves", came to the island after it was devastated by war. Following the motto of "bring back the green", scientists of "Green Leaves" discovered a species of mushroom that possessed extraordinary biological regenerative properties.

The scientists extracted and refined the mushrooms' essence, creating a powerful chemical extract that could accelerate biological growth. In cooperation with the island's natives, "Green Leaves" used the chemical extract to restore the island's fauna and flora within five years.

[HYD] Hampi – Hippie Island, Monuments, Lake, Camp & Hike meetup

However, it was later discovered that the extract's properties also had the unfortunate side effect of enlarging, mutating and corrupting any treated organisms, turning them into dangerous monsters that threatened the safety of the island's inhabitants. As they rest and understand the story, the two must battle with a mutated butterfly and its butterfly army while aboard their helicopter ride out of the island.

However, just as they beat the giant butterfly to within an inch of life, it launches one desperate attack that blows the two out of the helicopter, forcing them to drop their guns into the water and cling onto a rope ladder. Without any other weapons to destroy this menace, the two must use a slingshot and the good luck charm to deliver the final blow. If the player s fail to deliver the final blow, the butterfly escapes the island and the two of them break up, only to discover that the pilot has been infected with the mushroom substance, demonstrating that humans can be infected and affected by it and implying that the rest of the world could plunge into chaos as the infection spreads across humanity.

If the player s successfully make the shot, the butterfly is killed and the two continue their escape from the island with a sense of joy, while beginning to enter into a romantic relationship. Released in mid, this is the sequel to the game. Taking place on a Pacific island , the protagonists are a goofball New Zealander guide called Zack and a nerdy Canadian girl called Beth. While on a tour, their tour boat collides with another boat with a small group of pirates landing on the boat after crashing and are being chased by sharks after landing in the sea.

Beth and Zack fight back the sharks, but the pirates fell off the boat. Then, the captain tells both Zack and Beth that "we hit the reef," but the boat was able to dodge the obstacles. As the protagonists jump off the boat and the boat crash through the dock, they grab a rope and go through a short underwater adventure with mutant starfish, squids, and other sea creatures.

Let's take back Jamaica!

After the rope cut off, both go up to the sea surface with a windsurfing board, there the captain is killed by a gigantic octopus. Though The Duo manage to escape from the octopus and survive a big wave, they must go to an airport in order to get off the island.

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Either they go by a scooter in the hotel, jetski to the cave, or the buggy to the golf course while surviving mutant creatures from air, land, and sea. As they adventure through, the OpaOpa Villa and Resort is revealed to have a backstory. Before the game, Zack formerly worked at the resort. After a financial crisis came into the resort, Zack was sacked and lost his job while the entire resort closed down and remained abandoned. When they arrive and board a biplane after surviving the second level, the pilot demands "to show them what they have" mistaking them for the pirates.

But the plane gets attacked by a giant queen bee. As the plane tries to fly, the weight was too much and the pilot forces the duo to get off.

Both Zack and Beth jump off the plane, then to a cliff with a parafoil in the bag. After defeating the giant queen bee and surviving the fall. Zack and Beth are then "rescued" and kidnapped by the leader of pirates, and are forced to retrieve some treasure from beneath the sea, which the leader was told of by the pilot. As they swam, they encounter sting rays, jellyfish, and starfishes that attack, then meet a dolphin. Later and when they hit the bottom of the ocean, they find another dolphin trapped in the net and the octopus from before, which had survived.

Zack and Beth lift the net and free the dolphin, and get the tube. Both swim to the top as the octopus puts up a fight with a backup team of squids. After retrieving the treasure and ending the octopus once and for all, the pirates are shocked to see that the tube sought after wasn't treasure. Luckily, a lighter was in a tube and was in working condition, which Beth didn't care about.

The leader flies into a fit rage, says that the pilot lied to them, and kicks a old "Green Leaves" barrel filled with ominous chemicals, which he'd somehow stole and stowed on board.

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The chemicals spread to a field of coral creating a giant monster. Zack and Beth fight back by using the boats cranes and then get a ride with the dolphins they rescued, starting a chase. After the chase, the coral monster grabs them and attacks by using its barnacle teeth, the duo then shoot at the monsters mouth revealing oil inside of it. After the monster throws them near the plane's crash site by a sneeze, they manage to kill the monster by shooting it with a firework into its mouth.

When they blow up the monster, its remains break up into debris and rain gold, which happens to be the actual treasure.


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While then being stranded at sea after the battle and awaiting rescue, the two then began to start a relationship as they face toward a sunset before the credits begin to roll. Another good ending is revealed that if both players have an average score from 90 to in the game, Zack will take off Beth's broken glasses to reveal Beth's pretty face.

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