SEO Content Writing: What It Is, How to Do It, How to Be Successful

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Always think about whether or not these links naturally tie in with the subject matter and if they will offer significant value to your readers. Google rewards pages with faster page speed and places those that lag lower on its rankings.

SEO Writing Hack! How To Write SEO Content & Rank Fast On Google

So, it's important to make sure your page-load times are as quick as possible. One of the leading culprits of page lag is large photos. If the photo you uploaded is too big, it will make the page take a longer time to load -- even if the image doesn't seem huge on screen. Luckily, you can keep your posts visually interesting without sacrificing crucial speed. Once you pick a photo, use a free compression software, like Squoosh. Any removal of excess photo data will speed up loading times so readers won't have to wait.

If you suspect that your SEO issues are related to low page speeds, Google offers a free tool that can score your page and give you suggestions for speed improvement. Here's a guide on how to use it and boost your score.

How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish - Neil Patel

Traffic from places other than Google is crucial to your search rankings. Think of search results like a competition where the winners get the most votes. Each webpage that links back to you is considered a "vote" for your website, which makes your content more trustworthy in the eyes of Google. In turn, this will make you rise farther up on search results. So, it's good to write posts that other websites or publications will want to hyperlink within their own posts.

You can also write posts on other business' websites that link back to your website in some way. To make your website's blogpost more linkable, include valuable assets or information, such as your own data, original thoughts, infographics, definitions, or other facts that people might not find anywhere else. Here's an example of how this mindset could help you.

If you write a post titled "How to Make a Video Tutorial," or "13 Stats about Video Tutorials," bigger sites that are writing about something similar might hyperlink words like "video tutorials" or "research from [Your Company Name]" to your post so they can give their reader more context without repeating your work.

Once you've written the post, you might want to start sending it to other publications or websites that might want to discuss it or link it to their other posts.

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This outreach lets other publications know of the post and might also help you grow link building alliances with them in the future. You can also consider doing promotion, such as interviews or guest posts that link to your website's blog post to further encourage link building. These strategies can be key to your SEO success, but they can be time consuming.

To help you, consider trying out one of these softwares. Even with a great, SEO-friendly post body, a bad title could hurt you in search engines. To title your post with SEO in mind, draft a clear understandable title that both shows the reader what they're about to read and integrates the keywords you identified in the first step. As mentioned above, write something that pleases Google's ranking algorithms, but is also understandable and enticing to humans.

By optimizing your blogs for both, you can earn higher rankings in SERPs, get more qualified web traffic and increase conversion rates. Originally published Jul 24, PM, updated July 24 Contact Us. Investors Investor Relations. Subscribe to Our Blog Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Thank You!

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  • In addition to boosting your SEO, this will also make you a better writer. Keep your eye on how many times you use your target keyword. A good rule of thumb is to stick to in a keyword for every 50 or words of content.

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    More than that, and it will sound redundant. Wherever you use your target keyword, keep it simple and to the point. In addition to making your content easier for users to read, breaking it into headers and subheaders also helps your content look more appealing, and it can have some distinct SEO benefits, as well. This plugin, which evaluates on-page content for SEO and readability, generally recommends that there be no more than words between headers or subheaders.

    This keeps content readable and skimmable for users. Updating your content can mean a few things.

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    In some cases, it may simply mean publishing new content on a regular basis. In other settings, though, it can mean going back into older posts and updating them for relevance and accuracy today.

    This is a critical tactic for anyone who publishes a lot of content and can help ensure that your content ranks well and continues to provide value to readers. If you think about it, all content needs an update now and then. Either because statistics within it have changed or because a few simple switches can make it more relevant to a modern audience. By updating your content often, you can help ensure that you steer clear of unneeded SEO penalties while continuing to provide value and relevance to readers. They are usually characters or less in length and should contain your keywords.

    Writing tools like the aforementioned Yoast SEO plugin can go a long way toward improving your online copywriting and helping you achieve better SEO. If you have content in these areas, it might be more likely to show up within special sections of the search results page. This is horizontal search, because the focus is across wide range of topics. Google also runs specialized search engines that focus on images or news or local content. It can also help you succeed in addition to having a web page make the top results.

    For more information, see some of our related categories:. Search engines are increasing trying to show direct answers within their search results. Where do search engines get these answers?

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    Sometimes they license them, such as with menus or music lyrics. Other times, they draw them directly off web pages, providing a link back in the form of a credit. We currently consider sites being used as direct answer sources to be a success for two main reasons. Send me the SEO Guide!