The Fool (Tarot Explorations Card-by-Card Book 1)

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The deck is oversized, so that you can see the intricately drawn symbols and written messages, but even so, you wish they were larger in order to see every bit of detail. The titles are not on the front of the cards themselves, but on the backs, along with a quotation McCloskey feels exemplifies the message of the archetype.

This allows for meditation unencumbered by distracting words. However, you may want to peek on the backs to see just what card you are meditating upon, as the decidedly untraditional artwork can be confusing. The Fool , the last card in McCloskey's numbering system, looks like The Wheel of Fortune, with its joyous celebrant toasting his good fortune as he stands at the center of a The World could be Justice, with the woman in between two pillars holding a sword--and the Star below could easily be the World, with the central figure looking as if she were dancing as she cradles half the world in each of her hands.

At first, I thought it was just me, but when some students of mine were looking at the deck and noted the same thing, I realized that this Tarot ReVISIONing thing might have an unintended meaning, since people seem to have their own vision of each card. While I know this deck has been created with the most serious of intents, I think a fun party game would be to pass around the cards without looking at the backs and seeing which cards are "mistaken" for others. Like a Rorschach test, the potential for projection--and the psychological insights derived therefrom--is staggering. The quotes on each card back are sometimes quite apropos and others thought-provoking, and are often more reflective of McCloskey's ReVISIONing than traditional interpretations.

They are elegantly presented, but, for obvious reasons, not reversible. Still, since I don't think this is a deck for doing readings, this shouldn't be a big issue. The card stock is white matte and relatively sturdy, but not coated or laminated, so it is by no means impermeable. The details in the artwork demanded I scan larger images than usual for the reviews.

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Even though the cards are oversized, the book contains even larger versions of the images. I think the nature of the artwork is such that the larger the image is, the better for the viewer. As I've mentioned, the book offers detailed explanations about the detailed artwork. That's a lot of detail-work! This deck is quite reasonably priced, and the book is, due to high publishing costs, quite expensive. While I think you really need the book if you are going to work with this deck in any depth, it may out of the price range for many. Collectors who don't usually read a companion book should probably save their money for another deck instead of purchasing the Tarot ReVISIONed book, but if you really love this deck, you probably will need the book, too.

Voted 3 Tarot deck of Enter the Wildwood today: those who journey within emerge forever changed. Improved support for X family devices, including the new iPad Pro Fixes Journal crashing issue Various other minor enhancements and small bug fixes. I love doing readings outside the app and then uploading that external reading. It makes it so easy to pull up the meanings of the cards one by one, all while enlarging the gorgeous artwork, and the option to save and journal the reading is right at your fingertips.

I lost the book that went with this deck years ago but this is so much more efficient.

I used this app in one of my first explorations of Tarot, and I learned a lot about the basics from this app. There is a lot of useful information about various cards and spreads. Also, the illustrations on the cards and accompanying explanations are quite lovely. The main problem I had with this app is the fact that almost all of the cards I drew seemed to be reversed. This situation would be fine maybe my energy really is that blocked , but there is no description of what the reversed cards mean in the context of this deck.

Since I am fairly new to Tarot, I was constantly cross-referencing information on other websites and trying to apply it to my readings, but it just became awkward and tiring. To solve the problem, I now treat this deck as a sort of oracle deck, only read the cards in an upright position which is an option in the settings menu , and use another deck for more "general" Tarot purposes.

I just bought the actual cards and book yesterday. Happy New Year, Cousins! Hey Cousins!

Welcome to the Season 5 Finale of Cosmic Cousins. In our conversation, we talk about all of the Wands cards in the tarot. We start at the Ace of Wands, and move all the way to the 10 of wands, through the Court Cards of the Wand suit, and we end on the Emperor. It is a truly spectacular interview.

We laughed our asses off! So stay tuned to the last portion of this episode for Lindsay Mack. Sign-up for Newsletter. Rank 1: What does this card mean? Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 of Pentacles. Mandy is back! She was on holiday in Greece when a 6. This is a long lesson! Mandy also recounted her encounter with a believer in a flat earth. I went over the suit of Coins. Unlike the suit of Wands, there is no synchronistic story with the Coins. The numerological analysis between the two suits also breaks down when examined closely.

We also examined the Coins from Aces to Fives looking for new ways to view these cards. Life experiences provide differing viewpoints for each card, which is why there is benefit in working with others while examining the cards. I point out that you should never force anything when interpreting the cards. Just walk into the cards and experience them from the inside.

Bringing The Tarot To Life: Embody The Cards Through Creative Exploration

For a card to have a meaning, it needs context. At this stage, I am just exploring what a card could mean. Ace of Coins: emblematic of youth, focus on the here and now earth mentality , large raise or a balloon payment if reversed , pollyannic point of view, this thing has value, the world is round! Two of Coins: choices, playing around with his options, on a stage, dancing too close to the edge, not completely genuine.

Three of Coins: Practical card, what people do on a daily basis, amicable, coming together, friendship kind of card, colleagues, work in progress, meeting of 3 different faiths, coalition of minds coming together in harmonious discourse, verification, a check up, get other people involved in your project, brainstorming. Five of Coins: victim mentality, woe is me, not accepting a helping hand, shadows. And that is about it for this episode.

Mandy, Sharon and I took the opportunity today to talk about what we do to make sure our readings are the absolute best they can be every time we do a reading. Some of the points we discussed were : Psychologically and emotionally invest yourself in the client while they are being read for. Be prepared for anything.

There is no script. The more mental stress you have, the less intuition you have. Be relaxed. When actively engaging with your intuition, we are more open to a subconscious awareness of what the other person is feeling, thinking, going through. Engage your intuition.

Relax, trust your intuition, throw yourself into the cards.

Tarot: Two parts of the Fool's Journey – Misha Strunin

For tips on how to actually do this, as well as much more, do yourself a favor and listen in! Thanks for being here :- Please Subscribe for more Tarot Lessons. We teach you basic and advanced metaphysics here. Astrology and the Tarot are just the first subjects you will learn.

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Rank 1: The First House. Episode The First House.

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In the next twelve episodes, we'll cover each of the houses in the astrological chart one by one. Naturally, we're starting with the first house. The first house is the house of the self. This is your image, which means your physical body, the way you dress, and how you express your identity. It's the "you" that people see. The first house is associated with the sign Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac.

Mars would be the ruling planet. This house would be considered cardinal and would belong to the fire element. It's also one of the "angular houses. If a planet transits your 1st house, it may be a time when your identity changes or gets attention in some way. We've covered planetary rulership in previous episodes. In this lesson, we're talking about the planet that rules your whole astrology chart! How to find it? Look to your Ascendant.

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What is your Rising Sign? The planet that rules your Ascendant is the planet that rules your chart. For example, if you're a Capricorn rising, Saturn is your ruling planet. So simple!